Aura & Chakra Reading
Aura & Chakra Reading
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Aura & Chakra Reading

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Want to know what color your aura is and what it means???
✨Want to know what chakras are dominant or need work based on your aura ??
💕Send a clear photo in good lighting to me 
✨bland or neutral colored background, white, tans, etc background please
✨The photo must have no other people in it.
✨The photo must NOT have a filter on it or have had the coloring edited.
✨The photo must show ABOVE and space AROUND your head!!! Your whole head ! Please no up close photos of your face only, I’ll have to ask for another photo.
💕I will read your aura and send you the results via email ASAP! If you order after 8pm be aware you could possibly receive your results the following day.
✨This reading is not intended to predict the future it is just to give insight on you and your personality and energies through intuition and based off the dominant chakras shown in the aura.      Email: